Why Do You Consider Raising Your Own Chickens – Want Eggs and Layers?

For many people there are different reasons why they want to raise their own chickens. What is your specific intention? For example, you might have kids who want to raise chickens for a school project. Or you might have heard that chickens control flies and ticks and turn the compost pile. Maybe you are just nostalgic for the chickens scratching around in grandma’s yard? Maybe you just want to provoke the neighbors. If you’re not sure, there are some reasons that help to decide why you should keep chickens. In this article, I will focus on eggs and layers. If you have thought about these reasons to keep chickens in your own yard, then you should read through this article.

Want Eggs for your meals?

Let’s define egg first. Egg is the female productive cell, a tiny genetic material hardly visible for the naked eye. In this article, egg refers to the large, stored food supply around a bit of female genetic material. Because eggs are deposited and detached from the mother, they are not able to get food from her body through veins in the uterus. In other words, as they leave the mother’s body, their food supply is enclosed with them.

We are very lucky to have eggs deposited by hens regardless of whether the eggs have been fertilized to begin an embryo or not, as the egg we enjoy in our breakfast was meant to be food for a developing chick.

Do you consider keeping layers? You need to design the chicken housing in such a way that it is easy to lay eggs in nest boxes. In addition, make some outdoor space for layers if you can. So the hens can do some roaming around the yard. As a result, your eggs will have darker yolks and you will need less feed, thus saving some more money.

It requires slightly different housing and care for meat birds, egg layers, and pet chickens. Having a clear idea in advance as you select breeds and develop housing can keep you from making expensive mistakes. And most likely, your chicken-keeping experience will be more enjoyable. In other words, it is alright to keep chickens for several different purposes, some for eggs and others as show birds. Thinking about your intentions in advance can help you prepare more wisely. If you have a clear idea of what you want, you will have a joyful experience in raising your own chickens.

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