Where to find dishes, desserts and drinks that beat the Louisiana heat

Culinary cool down: Where to find dishes, desserts and drinks that beat the Louisiana heat

Though there’s still some time left before the sweltering weather of the summer, we can all agree that it’s starting to get toasty in the Capital Area.

Lucky for us, Baton Rouge has plenty of places to grab cool bites, drinks and snacks as the days go from hot to hotter. From crisp salads to frosty beverages, here are some places that will help you beat the heat in the most delicious ways possible. 

SoGo Tea Bar 

Inside Red Stick Spice you’ll find the cutest little tea counter and seating area known as the SoGo Tea Bar. SoGo’s cold teas are the perfect way to quench your thirst on a hot Louisiana day. Try a variety of shaken iced tea lattes or cool down with their lemonade tea drinks made with Leroy’s Lipsmack’n Lemonade. Once you get your ice-cold tea drink, grab a seat and enjoy the cool air as you sip on an even cooler tea. 

Gail’s Fine Ice Cream 

Recently opened on Perkins Road, Gail’s has 16 frosty ice cream flavors to relieve you from the heat. Although most of the seating at this ice cream shop is outdoors, you might not even notice the hot weather as you devour a cool cone. Whether you go to Gail’s for an icy ending to a meal or a little midday cool down, this ice cream is the perfect sweet treat to enjoy in the heat. 

Basel’s Market 

Tucked away on Highland Road, this cute cottage is slinging out cold sandwiches, salads and wraps that are perfect to enjoy in the summer weather. Try the Market Salad topped with prosciutto and cantaloupe or make your own lettuce boats with a variety of fillings and toppings. Complete your meal with a cold bottled beverage and fresh fruit and find a shaded place on the patio to enjoy these chilled meals. 


With two locations in Baton Rouge, Southfin is the place to go for a cold and delicious lunch. Southfin brings the traditional Hawaiian street dish of poké closer to home with fresh Louisiana seafood. Diners can choose from seven poké bowls on the menu or make their own with a variety of healthy ingredients. Although poké is alreadt served cold, you can cool down even more by ordering a refreshing cocktail or agua fresca and completing your meal with sweet mochi. 

Mid City Beer Garden 

One of the best ways to cool off from a hot day is to sit down with a fresh, frosty glass of beer. With over 50 beers on tap and a variety of canned brews and seltzers, this is the ideal place to go to wind down after a day in the beating sun. If beer isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy the fun with frozen cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages. You can also add a wrap, salad or hummus and veggie plate from the food menu to complement your beverage and make a meal.


Feast on cold salads, soups and cocktails at this Spanish-inspired restaurant. The menu features three salads packed with fresh ingredients and a traditional gazpacho—a chilled soup. Though most of the menu has hot, cooked-to-order dishes, these cold sides will refresh your palate and body temp before your meal. Don’t forget to take a look at the shaken cocktails and dessert cocktails, too.

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