What is TikTok’s ‘Tortilla Slap Challenge?’

Tortilla Slap Challenge

Visuals via @realrahsaun/TikTok

A humorous new TikTok problem is taking off on the platform, squandering tortillas but stirring up a great deal of laughs.

The new “Tortilla Slap Challenge” has its very own dedicated website page on the system, with far more than 25 million sights and hundreds of taking part movies. The major video clips on the page have perspective counts in the hundreds of thousands, as do several of the hashtags associated to the viral obstacle.

What is the “Tortilla Slap Problem?”

At 1st glance, TikTok’s new problem may well search rather baffling to viewers. Movies taking part in the challenge usually see a team of two or three — in some cases far more — standing or sitting down in a circle with tortillas in hand. In situation you are perplexed, indeed, we’re chatting about the slender, unleavened flatbread standard to burritos or soft tacos. Flour tortillas appear to be to be the norm for the problem, but there’s no authentic rationale a corn tortilla couldn’t get the job done just as effectively. Their structural integrity may well not maintain up, but that could pretty effectively lend to the enjoyable.

The “challenge” powering this viral TikTok trend will come in the exertion of staying straight-faced as every single member of the group requires turns slapping a single another across the facial area with their tortillas. It’s an exceedingly straightforward recipe for virality — a person that was very likely born of mates messing close to with their college lunches — but that does not make it any less enjoyable to look at. There’s just a little something so humorous about looking at a team of close friends whap each and every other with floppy flour circles. It is pure and very simple pleasurable and, unlike most TikTok issues, does not present any risk to its individuals. Other than the gluten intolerant ones’, perhaps.

Possibly the pretty very best section of TikTok’s hottest obstacle is the sound. Owing to the mother nature of the problem — which is dropped any time someone’s composure breaks — audio for most participating video clips is largely absent. Alternatively, videos present a largely silent video clip damaged only by the sound of tortillas hitting skin. It’s the greatest ASMR TikTok has come up with yet.

It is also an absolute delight to witness the easy, unadulterated pleasure the trend’s contributors consider in the Tortilla Slap Problem. Watching each and every person attempt to maintain their interesting subsequent a especially superior slap is shockingly gratifying, but not fairly as enjoyable as witnessing them lastly break. As soon as 1 person goes down, the group nearly inevitably follows, top to a range of films ending in hysterical laughter. It is a dose of pleasure we all need appropriate now.

Many consumers even up the ante by filling their mouths with h2o before initiating the problem. This definitely adds an component of threat to the sport, with the looming know-how that — should somebody split and giggle — the result will be a confront whole of water.

As considerably as TikTok problems go, it’s really hard to beat the Tortilla Slap Challenge. It needs only a team of friends — or family members — and a batch of tortillas for what seems to be a genuinely very good time. There are no expensive add-ons or perilous aspects added in — a craze that is significantly also popular with TikTok problems — and the pattern is presently prompting spin-offs with similarly pleasant benefits. Users from all over have started off wielding tortillas as light, floppy weapons, and the prosperity of ensuing articles can maintain viewers entertained for hrs.

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