Pork roast, flatbread and quesadillas are just in time for March

March has arrived and the Designed in Oklahoma Coalition has recipes created to endure the madness it has in tow.

One pot beer-braised pork roast turns what can be an standard slash of meat into some thing wonderfully tasty for a family members accumulating.

A pork shoulder is seasoned with Daddy Hinkle’s, seared, and braised in Coop Ale Will work beer. This is a a person-dish meal, with the carrots and onion cooking suitable in the exact pot as the pork that operates for St. Patrick’s Day with some whipped garlic mashed potatoes.

Leftovers work in a rice bowl, wrapped in a tortilla or shredded around tortilla chips for pulled pork nachos.

Caesar salad flatbreads are the excellent combine of a salad and pizza. Shawnee Mills Pizza Crust Blend is the foundation for a rectangular pastry cut into flatbread pieces. Load them with grilled hen, cheese and a Caesar salad.

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