Microwave Eggs – How to Do it (Hard-boiled, Fried, Poached, Scrambled, Omelet)

How can I microwave eggs?

Although it is true that microwaving eggs will quite possibly result in your microwave oven blowing up, there is a way to cook them using your machine without having to run for cover and replacing the oven when you’re done.

Before we start this microwave egg recipe there are a couple of practices you should make yourself aware of. Firstly you should Never microwave the egg whilst in its shell, this is because the pressure within the egg and yolk caused by the molecules heating up will have no place to escape and eventually will cause the egg to explode.

The following egg recipes can be made using your microwave oven. Scrambled eggs, pouched eggs and omelettes.

Scrambled Eggs

In order to cook scrambled eggs in your microwave all you need to do is grab yourself a two eggs and break them into a mug or a similar vessel. When you’ve done this add two tablespoons of milk (the general rule here is to use 1 tablespoon per egg) and a pinch of pepper and salt.

Next you’ll need to beat them, until the yolk, albumin (egg white) and the other ingredients have fully blended. When you’ve finished this task just pour the contents into a bowl and cook on full power for. N.B. Cooking times are for standard microwave ovens ranging from 600 – 700 watts – times may vary for more powerful machines.

1 egg = 35 – 45 seconds

2 eggs = 70 – 90 seconds

3 eggs = 110 – 130 seconds

4 eggs = 150 – 180 seconds

6 eggs = 210 – 270 seconds

8 eggs = 270 – 330 seconds

Poached Eggs

When making poached eggs in your microwave oven, firstly, grab a breakfast cereal bowl and pour into it 100ml of water.

Next carefully break into it, two eggs. Please ensure that you pierce the yolk with a toothpick or a fork prong to limit the chances of the yolk exploding during cooking.

Now cover the bowl with clingfilm and proceed to cook on full=power for 90-120 seconds and leave a minute or two to allow the whites and yolk to set. Remove from bowl and serve.

Fried Eggs

For fried eggs you’ll need to grease a small plate (5-6 inches wide) and break onto it one egg.

Now prick the yolk as you did with the poached egg, cover with clingfilm and cook on half power for 2-3 minutes or until you’re satisfied it has cooked properly.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Although in the context of this article we refer to this dish as a hard-boiled egg recipe, that’s a little bit of a white lie because we don’t actually use the natural boiling preparation in the preparation of this dish. But the results are virtually the same.

This microwave egg recipe is a little bit more difficult to pull off than the others, but with a little bit of practice you’ll become a pro in no time at all. Firstly you’ll need to separate the yolk and whites into two separate bowls – which have been greased.

Next gently stir the yolk and then cover both containers with plastic wrapping film and cook separately on 50% power, remembering to stir the occasionally. When they are both cooked to about 80-90% through remove from the microwave and allow to cool for couple minutes. Take egg contents from the bowls and serve as you wish.

Cooking Times – Yolks (for 600-700 watt microwave oven)

1 = 20-30 seconds

2 = 45-60 seconds

4 = 90-120 seconds

6 = 145-190 seconds

Cooking Times – whites (for 600-700 watt microwave oven)

1 = 30-60 seconds

2 = 60-120 seconds

4 = 135-195 seconds

6 = 180-320 seconds

Microwave Omelet Recipe


4 eggs

75g grated cheddar cheese

25g butter

1 chopped onion

4 chopped rashers of bacon

20 ml worcestershire sauce

1 chopped bell pepper

Black pepper and sea salt to taste

Mixed cooked vegetables


For this microwave omelet recipe, firstly grab yourself a largish microwaveable dish and the butter, onion, bell pepper and bacon and cook on full power for roughly 4 minutes.

Next grab yourself a vessel large enough to whisk the the eggs, cheese, worcestershire sauce, sea salt and black pepper together.

Finally add the cooked vegetables to the whisked mixture and cook on full power for roughly two minutes or until you’re satisfied the eggs are cooked. Fold the omelet and serve.

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