Look to Southern Louisiana For the Best Recipes For Chicken

It’s no secret that great recipes for chicken run rife in the South but what many people don’t know, is that it’s Southern Louisiana down around New Orleans where you most apt to find your favorite chicken recipe. You see eating chicken is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years in the deep south.

Sunday was a day off on the plantation. This was the day that laundrey was done and the best meal of the week was prepared after the preacher spoke in the late morning. Chicken was a delicacy in those days, so a few chickens were killed, cleaned and prepared.

The best fried chicken is done in peanut oil. Another thing you can do to kick up fried chicken recipes is to marinade the chicken. Your favorite Italian salad dressing will do in a pinch and you may find after you try this, that it’s your favorite marinade as well.

If you’ve been walking past those big meat injector devices in the market that look like big giant syringes all these years, then now is the time to buy one and try it with your favorite chicken recipe. In the hot humid southern climate, leaving a chicken around marinading was often not an option, so these devices were put to use in earlier times.

Take the ingredients for any recipes for chicken and inject it straight into the center of the bird like they do down there with all types of fowl and get ready for a surprise. Not only is the flesh that much moister but the flavors simply explode in your mouth. Also if you have a frozen turkey or chicken that you’re concerned about coming out on the dry side, use your injector to give it shots of olive oil or butter.

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