Garland Has a Great New Spot for Vegan Tacos and Tamales

It is in a minor aged push-in on Belt Line Road on the north side of Garland, a building which employed to be a Sonic. It unquestionably does not seem also extravagant. There’s a sign promising tacos. Then you wander inside of, and the surprises commence.

Initial surprise: a chalkboard record of distinct tortilla flavors. Chipotle corn tortillas, cilantro-infused tortillas, mango-habanero tortillas, even a single with chocolate. On our the latest take a look at, there ended up 7 types in all (not counting plain). Yes, you can mix and match: get your chicken mole taco on a chocolate tortilla, look at the chipotle and guajillo flavors, try out a vegan chicharrón on a tortilla colored and flavored with beets.

Oh, which is suitable. Shock No. 2: the vegan menu.

Welcome to El Rincón del Maíz, the vegan-welcoming new taco and tamale location that is about to just take Garland by storm.

El Rincón del Maíz is the work of the Saporito loved ones, who came to the United States from southern Mexico (Tabasco). Their recipes start out with the flavored tortillas. El Rincón works by using Maseca, the bagged fast corn masa flour that is popular to many corn tortillas, then provides pureed chiles and other elements to the blend prior to urgent the tortillas. The outcome could not be very the exact same as the nixtamalized corn tortillas you can get from Molino Olōyō, but it is continue to a vibrant, flavorful lineup of great tortillas.

You can try them with tacos al pastor—available in a pastor negro variation, for which the chile peppers in the sauce are roasted and charred dark—or do what I prompt higher than and match the chocolate tortilla to the hen mole taco. Possibly have your masa in the variety of picaditas, tiny discs topped with salsa and cheese, with the meat on the side.

My advice is to go vegan. Artistic vegan tacos element elements like hibiscus flower, coconut, cauliflower, and, in the case of the fantastic vegan quesabirria, jackfruit and vegan mozzarella. I was so won around by the quesabirria that following a couple bites, I pondered the vegan meat—having absolutely overlooked that the cheese was vegan, much too. A moment afterwards I claimed something like, “Oh! That was vegan cheese!” and my eating companions seemed at me like I was an idiot.

Even much better are the vegan tamales. Two of the three tamales are possibly better healthy for dessert, but the vegan mushroom tamal is so very good it is haunted me at any time since. Steamed in a banana leaf relatively than a corn husk and absolutely doused in great salsa verde, the tamal defies any one who continue to thinks this form of deluxe richness can only be reached with lard. I daydream about it now, even though driving or washing dishes. My head dwells on inquiries: “How a lot of could I consume? Could I get down 3 in a sitting?”

I also simply cannot end wondering about the rest of the menu. Will vegan migas be just as good if they are protected in just as much salsa? What about the decidedly non-vegan cheesecake slices in the cooler by the hard cash sign up? And then there is the sport of matching tortillas to tacos. The possibilities are not fairly unlimited, but they are sufficient to hold me driving back again to Garland, parking in the former Sonic Travel-In spot, and tasting El Rincón del Maíz’s subsequent surprise.

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