Family Ty’s owners celebrate Black history using community food event

Pensacola restaurant owners Ty and Ursula Jones of Family Ty’s “Good Eats” set out to create a lasting, local event last year that would celebrate Black History Month in Pensacola. After a successful first outing, the Black-owned food vendor event Street Chefs Unite will make a return this Saturday.

Ursula Jones said the second-annual event is intended to help celebrate Black history on an annual basis that can be continued in the Pensacola for generations to come. She said participants will be able look around and see the “Black history in motion” of current business owners, along with eat a lot of good food. She also hopes the event will help aspiring Black business owners to get their start.

“We want the event to really be featured as two successful Black owners from Pensacola that started from the ground up, with nothing,” Ursula Jones said. “As far as Black history is concerned, so much of who we are is based on prayers, dreams and visions of our forefathers. To be able to see those prayers come full fruition into current business owners is really a blessing.”

Organizers for the Street Chefs Unite event Chris Graye of Graye's Granite Inc. and Ty Jones of Family Ty's "Good Eats" hold the 2022 advertisements for this year's event.

The event is scheduled to last from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 3141 Potter St. in Ferry Pass. In addition to food being prepared by Family Ty’s, there will be a variety of other vendors, including What the Cluck Chicken Truck, GC Deli, Who Dat Po’Boys, East Kings Corner Café, Pika Grill, Sweet Dreaya’s and Trap Snacks.

The family-friendly event will also have plenty of activities like cornhole and life-sized lawn games. There will be tables and chairs set up, handwashing stations and portable bathrooms. As far as entertainment, there will be live music by DJ Hale and DJ Tiger and a guest speaker on Black history.

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