Different ways to store a wine fridge

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Your wine collections best explain your taste. If you are the type that enjoys collecting different wines, you must know how to store your wine properly. Keeping a wine collection goes beyond choosing and buying wines — it also includes how you can store them. If properly stored, wines can last for a long time, more than five years, and it does not affect their value or quality. However, poor storage can reduce the quality of your wine. 

You can properly preserve your wine by storing it in a built-in wine fridge. Here is how;

  1. Store wine at optimal temperature 

Your temperature affects the quality of your wine. Be mindful of the temperature if you want to store your wine in your wine fridge. The temperature must not be too warm or cool, so it does not spoil your wine. The temperature of the wine fridge must be stable so it does not make your cork expand.

Keeping your wine at a normal temperature preserves the fragrance and flavour. To preserve the flavour and aroma of red wine, serve it chilled slightly below room temperature. Store your wine in the ideal temperature degrees and avoid temperature fluctuations. Do not store your wine below 40 degrees. 

  1. Stores wine bottles horizontally

Wines should be stored horizontally in the wine fridge because it makes the cork moist and helps save space. Positioning your wine bottle correctly is important for long-term storage to avoid ageing. It’s not always necessary to store your wine. However, it ensues convenience and accessibility. 

  1. Store in a cool place 

You should store your wine in a cool place away from light and vibration. Keep away from light regardless if you are storing your wine long-term or for a short while. The flavour and the scent of your wine can be affected by the UV rays. Also, wines should be away from vibration. 

  1. Store under the right humidity level

Store wine at the right humidity level to preserve your wine for the long term. Extreme humidity will affect your wine and can cause your cork to dry out, exposing your wine to the effect of oxygen. 

  1. Store opened wine properly

You can still store your opened wine bottles in your wine fridge for like 2-5 days. Although, your opened wine should not remain after 2 days if you want to enjoy your wine. If you are wondering how to store an opened wine. It is simple — all you have to do is re-cork it. Bring it out an hour before serving. 

Also, it is important to maintain your wine fridge to avoid damage. While it is a must that you clean regularly, you must ensure you don’t overload your wine fridge by storing wines beyond the normal size. Your wine can go bad if you store more than your wine fridge can take. 

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