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Brassa 51 Peruvian Rotisserie is a person of the latest and most intriguing restaurants to join the north Johnson Metropolis eating out scene. Proprietor Daniel Tejada and his lover Alejandro Rivero have introduced a exceptional and delicious delicacies from an equally extraordinary nation and its men and women.

The menu supplied at Brassa 51 is absolutely new to Johnson Metropolis, becoming a showcase for the culinary traditions and foodstuffs native to the South American region of Peru.

Peru’s record, both of those culinary and political, pre-dates that of Columbus by numerous centuries.

The name “Brassa” derives from the Peruvian nationwide dish, “pollo a la brasa”: chicken grilled in the Peruvian manner, wherever significant charcoal-fired rotisseries do the cooking.

Initial impressions

Acquiring Brassa 51 could not be less complicated. In north Johnson City, choose West Point out of Franklin Street to Hamilton Put. Brassa 51 Peruvian Rotisserie is the latest tenant in the rightmost end of that company elaborate, with lots of parking out entrance.

Brassa 51’s inside is open up and airy, seating 80 or so patrons in a dining region immediately off an open-approach kitchen area with its prep line, grill and substantial charcoal-fired rotisserie. There is also a perfectly-tended bar stocked with potent waters each Peruvian and nearby. (Try out a pisco sour cocktail or a bottle of Inca Kola.) Restrooms are found past the bar and down a hallway.


Accompanied by dine-around bunch customers the Retiree and Poppie (but no Nonnie this time) my dining companion and I dropped by Brassa 51 for an early (5:30 p.m.) evening meal, displaying up just as the evening meal hurry was obtaining underway. Right after being found to by our server, the very pleasant and qualified Elena, we acquired down to company. The Retiree had listened to excellent items about pollos a la brasa and requested a quarter-chicken (breast & wing, on the bone, $10.99) together with a bowl of the chicken soup ($9.25). Poppie chose the Chaufa rice entrée ($14.50) even though my eating husband or wife requested a Cesar Salad B51 ($9.50) increased with some pulled rotisserie rooster ($3.50). Wanting to try to eat like a genuine Peruvian, my supper came from the Piqueos (“Appetizer” for us Anglos) part of the menu, getting an order of Mega Salchipollo, ($12) “Peruvian street food” as was noted in the menu’s little print.

How it preferences

Due to the fact superior factors occur to individuals who wait, ours was about 20 minutes or so even though the grilled chicken for our foods concluded its excursion as a result of the charcoal-fired rotisserie. Our seating afforded us an unobstructed view of the employees unloading the rotisserie of grilled hen, and the loading of yet another batch for cooking.

In the meantime, our rooster was getting prepped and plated in accordance to our table’s purchase. Appropriately organized, pollo a la brasa is marinated for three times right before entering the rotisserie.

My eating associate noticed the change correct away, declaring the Brassa 51 hen was moist, smoky and redolent of the marinade’s spice bouquet.

The Retiree was really delighted with her hen soup, a recipe from owner Tejada’s grandmother. Her quarter chicken was also pretty great Tejada’s relatives marinade exhibiting touches of vinegar, garlic, chili peppers, soy sauce and … beer?

Poppie’s Chaufa rice had its origins in the fried rice introduced by Chinese immigrants of the 19th and 20th centuries, creating it a single of, if not the 1st Chinese-Peruvian fusion dish identified in the New Planet. With crimson peppers combining with chopped scallions, a contact of soy sauce, ginger, rice and pork, then combined and stir-fried in a extremely hot wok, Poppie had a plateful of goodness the rest of the evening.

Meanwhile, I was digging into my Mega Salchpollo, that was actual Peruvian road food items certainly: basic and tasty. Consider roasted pork sausage medallions, plate them at the compass factors of a pile of slender-reduce French fries, shot by means of with chunks of pulled Brassa 51 grilled chicken. Hold ketchup, mustard and a Peruvian condiment termed Aji close to to hand for dipping. Absolutely yummy.

The bottom line

For these of you who are ruled by wristwatch and smartphone, Tejada and crew can and do make some wonderful sandwiches for you and the relaxation of the “Just lunch, please” crowd. Try the Rotisserie B51 sandwich ($9.99) or the Royal Burger ($12.99).

Whether or not for lunch or supper, just don’t forget that, when you dine at Brassa 51 Peruvian Rotisserie, be positive that you imitate the dining actions of the persons of Peru, and linger a excellent while more than your meal.

Believe me it is not tough to do.

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