¡Ask a Tortilla Judge!: How do I make my tortillas puff up?

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I’ve been making home made tortillas on my solid iron comal for a few years now. I observe that the execs get the good puff on all of the tortillas when they make them, but I only get puff on about 25{059a08f96123c0f8b8844f7c0413f4043992e5fb42bf9d2c59138fcb1e63fd5f} of the kinds I make. What could I be accomplishing improper? I just use salt/heat h2o and masa in my combine and from time to time will increase a very little oil. Many thanks in advance!

Puff the Magic Tortilla

I desire I knew how to make tortillas — in fact, I really do not, simply because that could possibly then disincentivize me from ingesting as several tortillas across Southern California as I perhaps can. So I forwarded your issue to Patty Garcia, chef and creator of Keto Mexican Recipes. Choose it away, Patty!

The great puff

The explanation corn tortillas puff arrives down to science. If you know me, you would know how significantly of a lover of science I am and when it arrives to cooking, so it can be even extra intriguing.

Tortillas puff when the humidity of the dough reaches boiling temperature and the steam attempts to get out, thus building a bubble inside. If you have followed all the correct actions, your tortilla will unquestionably puff.

So how do you that? It’s all about procedure and reaching the correct conditions for the steam to puff your tortilla up. You can get to this amount by practicing and using the correct substances and procedures, like these:

Seriously, I know most individuals seeking to teach how to make tortillas at household notify you it is tremendous practical and it is conveniently obtainable, blah, blah, blah. No. Employing this merchandise will consequence in a reduce top quality that you do not want to serve your relatives (or your worst enemy, genuinely). As well as, due to the fact it is a dry products, it will lack the moisture that the steam requires to puff the tortilla up. If you make the masa with this, it retains absorbing the water and it in no way stops drying, so your dough is never ever going to attain best regularity which is wanted for all intents and uses. 

Masa harina constantly necessitates that you maintain adding drinking water, and as a beginner, this will be frustrating for the reason that from time to time you’ll place far too much, producing it sticky Other moments, you won’t put adequate and it will be dry and the tortilla will crack at the edges and it will not likely be soft and pliable. So make sure you, skip the masa harina. You’ll thank me later on.

  • You should not insert other substances

I’ve seen some recipes that set a little bit of wheat flour, baking powder, powdered milk, sugar, and so on. This is not necessary and they are shortcuts individuals use to obtain that coveted puffiness, but I am telling you, all you need to have is observe.

  • Make guaranteed your dough is the suitable consistency

Occasionally, if the masa has parts of corn, or if the masa is a minimal little bit coarse, then that texture will make the dough tear a little bit and it will make a gap for the steam to get out and we you should not want that. We want a easy, even masa.

Yet again, you want the texture and consistency to be even to accomplish that mouth watering corn bubble. If the masa is not properly kneaded, then it may have gaps and will not be uniform.

  • Make confident your masa is not dry. 

Bear in mind that we are hoping to make steam below. If your masa is dry, there will not likely be any humidity to form the steam with, moreover dryness also impacts the ultimate product or service. You don’t want a dry tortilla due to the fact it will have dry edges and it will be challenging and variety of toasty. No bueno. Retain it protected as substantially as you can.

  • Your tortilla has to be even. 

If you are employing a prensa (tortilla push), make guaranteed the amount is right for it (for a 6 inch tortilla, a 1 oz. ball of dough will suffice). Once you area your ball within the prensa, it will most probable be slanted, earning one facet fatter than the other side. This will not operate because the steam will get started to type the bubble on the thinner facet, but it would not be sturdy ample to puff the thicker facet. 

Immediately after you push the masa, switch it all around and press it again. This might consider a couple attempts but you will get there with follow. Contact the tortilla with your arms. You will get a really feel for a thicker/thinner facet, and this is what makes cooking from scratch a wonderful working experience.

The temperature of the comal is crucial here, and I could convey to you a quantity but I will be performing you a disservice. Each and every comal is distinctive — the thickness, the substance from which it is really built, the flame you are utilizing. Not all fires are the very same, so remember to play with it till you locate the proper temperature. If your flame is too lower, the tortillas will acquire more time and they will usually flavor like they’re raw. If the fireplace is too hot, then it will dry them, melt away them, toast them, and so forth. All the things. I propose a medium-higher warmth, but it truly is up to you to determine out yours.

  • Managing the tortilla in its uncooked sort. 

Be careful with your nails, fingers, instruments, and so forth. If you tear the uncooked tortilla or if you make a dent or if you fold it by slip-up, it will stop the bubble from forming. Just be gentle when you decide it up and different it from the plastic and when inserting it on the griddle.

Tortillas are turned above just a couple periods. Not in excess of and over for no rationale. At the time your comal is at optimum temperature, position your tortilla. The initial transform will come about when your edges start off to get dry. The 2nd will take position when the tortilla starts to transform color all in excess of. Transform it yet again. 

Now: the second you have been waiting for! The second of truth. On this switch is when the puff will or will not likely come about. If your tortilla starts off to bubble up all around, and then so lots of bubbles start to rise and then they all come to be mates and form a solitary bubble within your tortilla… you have produced it, my mate. Congratulations!

I hope this manual aids you, but it is not a recipe. It’s a method, and like all the things else, in order to attain optimal results you have to observe, follow, apply! 

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